I started drawing in the arctic.

In the summer of 1984 I borrowed my friend Jeaner's colored pencils.  We were paddling a wilderness river--the Hood River-- in the Canadian Arctic.   Our destination was the Arctic Ocean.  I began to draw what I saw and what I felt.  I had brought some sharpies and a few extraneous markers, and I had thought maybe I would draw... but using Jeaner's colored pencils changed everything.   Here are some pages from that 1984 journal.   Click on an image to read about it.

Four years later,  I paddled the Back River (Canadian Arctic) with some of those same women.   By then I had established my drawing style and I couldn't wait to draw an image and tell a story at the end of the day. 

Here is a sampling from my little  sketchbooks throughout the years.  When you click on an image, you can read about it.


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